Photos: Fancy Felines Strut Their Stuff At Annual Algonquin Cat Fashion Show

If you were to tell me that a bunch of cats—creatures who famously hate both wearing clothes and doing any kind of activity that does not result from their own scheming—were going to dress up in themed outfits and prowl down a literal catwalk, I would say, Pics or it didn't happen. This is an improbable thing for a cat to do. I mean, my own spiky boy gets his claws out when he even glimpses his travel harness, let alone a tiny three-piece suit, and so I remain suspicious of the idea that cats can be cajoled into putting on a fashion show. But apparently they can be, and were—as recently as last night.

On Thursday, the Algonquin Hotel in Midtown held its annual Cat Fashion Show, a charity event showcasing its resident catto—Hamlet VII, formerly a feral street cat whose fortunes changed when the Algonquin adopted him in 2017—and a slate of (probably) disgruntled feline models. This year's theme: "It's a Small World After All," which pet fashion designer Ada Nieves intended as a celebration of "New Yorkers' diverse heritages and backgrounds," purr (you're welcome) a press release. Nieves reportedly poured 100 hours into creating 10 iconic looks, and it shows, doesn't it?

As to how Nieves got the furfaces into wardrobe, you'll perhaps be surprised to learn that kitty Xanax may not have played a role. (Allegedly; approach with skepticism.)

"These two absolutely love it," model-owner Melanie Lee previously told WWD. "I don't teach them to be calm, they teach me that they are calm. They've shown me in their personalities that they are relaxed, and I listen to that." Relaxed and ready to wear a little dress.

Another unforgettable moment: at one point, two opera singers belted out a long song in which the only lyric was "meow." There was at least one cat therapist on site as well, though overall, all 10 cats were incredibly chill, despite the outfits and constant flashes from the cameras.

Tickets to the event—which included an adoption component, as well as a charitable silent auction, to raise money for the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals—sold out in advance, but luckily for you, we took pics so you know the Cat Fashion Show definitely happened.

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